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Sea and Beaches in Maremma

the enchanting Tuscan sea

Bays, coves, islands and crystal clear water

The Tyrrhenian sea lies just a few kilometres away from L’Andana Resort and offers the perfect setting for fun boat trips to discover coves and bays, each one more beautiful than the other, true natural paradises, rich in history. Off the Maremma coast lie the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, scattered evidence of the legendary Tirrenide, which sank below the waves aeons ago. 
The largest island, at the centre of the Archipelago, is Elba, splendid with its lush vegetation and for the characteristic contrast between the red of the ferrous hills and the intense blue of its crystal-clear waters. In front of Monte Argentario promontory is the Giglio island, rich with evocative coves and characteristic fishing hamlets. Its three urban centres carry traces of ancient settlements. Just a short distance away is Giannutri, a small paradise of serenity where cars are banned, the sea is of an extraordinary clarity and the sea bed is the perfect destination for lovers of underwater activity.

Pianosa and Montecristo are the southern-most islands in the Archipelago. Both are characterised by a wild and desert-like landscape.  

Relaxation and sunbathing by the pool

And to relax after a day discovering the surrounding area... our swimming pool awaits you, nestled in the enchanting setting of the Maremma countryside. Surrounded and protected by the colours and scents of this true natural paradise, it is perfect for a refreshing swim or the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing read or simply to enjoy the sun.
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