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Leading Hotels of the World 

Quality and uniqueness in one of the best Tuscany luxury hotels 

L’Andana resort, together with approximately 375 hotels in 75 different nations, is part of the Leading Hotels of the World, one of the most important collections of luxury hotels.
Closely tied to territories where they are located, Leading Hotels represent the true essence of their destinations. 
Founded in 1928 by a group of influential and far-sighted entrepreneurs from the European hotel sector, LHW initially counted 38 associated hotels. With more than eighty years of continuous endeavour to create an authentic and unforgettable travel experience, LHW chooses only hotels with the highest standards of quality and uniqueness. For The Leading Hotels of the World hospitality is not an industry, it is an art... and a passion. 
Thanks to the various architectural and design styles of the Leading Hotels, and the wide range of cultural experiences to enjoy, the collection is the perfect solution for those travellers searching for new discoveries.
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