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Luxury Tuscany Villas:
L'Andana at
 Tenuta La Badiola

Considered a historical Tuscan home, L’Andana Resort at Tenuta La Badiola, located within the former’s confines, is a luxury Tuscany Villa that perfectly embody the soul of the Maremma territory, and reflect the prestige of its past.

Nestled in a natural haven of incomparable beauty, this location was chosen by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold II of Lorraine as the site of one of his villas - perfectly conserved with its recognisable Medici traits - which he used as his residence.

A timeless and charming historical estate 

In 1800, the Grand Duke began the reclamation of Maremma’s wetlands - abandoned to nature since the late Roman era - and transformed them into a natural paradise in which to set up working hamlets (farmyards) and residences, signaling the beginning of the agricultural development in Maremma. 

Over the course of the years, the area changed ownership and underwent various transformations, while, at the same time, hold its identity and beauty intact.

The heart of Tenuta La Badiola, with the Acquagiusta farmyard, was purchased in 2000 by the Moretti family, owner of Terra Moretti’s Group. Vittorio Moretti, together with his daughter Carmen and her husband Martino de Rosa, renovated all of the buildings in the ancient hamlet, converting the main villa, the historical residence, into L’Andana resort, and the surrounding farms into Casa Badiola Tuscan Inn, inaugurated in 2009.
This project caught the attention of Alain Ducasse with whom the Moretti family entered into partnership to develop the tourism-hotel activity from 2004 to 2015.

In 2016, at the end of the experience with Alain Ducasse, Carmen Moretti and Martino de Rosa began an exciting new project, which saw the participation of the young Michelin-star Chef Enrico Bartolini, for a more Italian and even more Tuscan L’Andana.  

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