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Remise en forme in your Tuscan beauty farm


Remise en forme in your Tuscan beauty farm

ESPA face and body treatments

The experience that awaits you at SPA ESPA at L'Andana is the most sublime you may want from a beauty farm in Tuscany.
There is a wide range of treatments offered for face and body: wrappings, massages with multiple functions, specific scrubs and targeted interventions for every type of skin.
The signature treatment, which is a true focus of ESPA expertise, is able to work synergically and effectively on body balance with extraordinary beneficial effects.

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60 min. € 180 per person
Tuscan Andana Oil Massage
Using our Extra Virgin Olive oil rich in beta-carotene and vitamins, this massage refreshes the circulation in your legs, relieves tension in your shoulders and neck, all while moisturizing and improving skin elasticity. The perfect remedy after a long journey or at the end of a busy day.
75 min. € 210 per person
Facial treatments
The Hyperbaric Oxygen helps to spread the active ingredients in deep skin layers, while at the same time increasing skin surface oxygenation and creating a calming effect. Rejuvenate serum is unique and contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and a powerful combination of antioxidants and vitamins. Hyaluronic Acid helps to produce deep hydration with a consequent effect of greater tonicity, reduced lines and facial contour enhancement.

50 min. € 200 per person

Discover our ESPA treatments

Booking direct via our hotel website is the best way to book.