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Tuscan Picnic

Enjoy gourmet snacks in the open air 

Whether it was invented by the English or the French, the picnic is loved by all. A glamorous tuscan picnic, surrounded by the charming beauty of the Maremma, is an experience to be savoured calmly, in the first warm days of the season, when one begins to imagine walks in the countryside or by the sea, accompanied by the pleasure of a few snacks to enjoy in the open air. 

If, however, a picnic is prepared with attention to detail, the experience can truly become a small luxury and the meal consumed on the grass or on the beach is anything but frugal or improvised. How? It’s easy: leave it all to our chefs, who will prepare a tasty hamper for your delightful tuscan picnic.
Booking direct via our hotel website is the best way to book.