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Horse riding in Maremma

Horse riding for beginners and experienced riders 

Do you love history and the great outdoors? Join us on an exciting journey through the most beautiful places in Tuscany and spend an hour or more exploring forests, clearings and beaches, accompanied by two expert guides. Our rides are designed for everyone, from new riders to experienced equestrians.
Horse riding in Maremma is the perfect way to enjoy one or more days of complete relaxation with your favourite animal.

Itinerary 1 - Pine grove, Dunes and Sea 

The 1st route includes a part of the tour in the Tombolo pine grove and arrives on the enchanting white sand dunes. Taking you from the San Leopoldo canal to the San Felice Oasis, a magical place where the dunes meet the sea. This itinerary takes around 2 hours.

Itinerary 2 - Exploring the countryside  

An experience suitable for the all family. Setting off from the Tombolo pine grove to the San Leopoldo canal. Here, you can spot deer, roe deer and wild boar.
Booking direct via our hotel website is the best way to book.