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Sport & activities in our Spa hotel in Tuscany

Mens sana in corpore sano - A healthy mind in a healthy body

Vacanze attive in Toscana: nordic walking, pilates, golf…

During your stay at L’Andana, our charming Spa Hotel in Tuscany, you won’t have only the chance to relax in an exclusive ESPA wellness centre, but also to take part in numerous sports activities, which are fun and beneficial for your well-being, such as Nordic Walking in the splendid Tuscan countryside, or horse riding, yoga, pilates, or boxing, or you can be followed by a personal trainer for your own specific and personalised goals. A Wealth of choices and things to do in Tuscany!
Our team of nationally-certified personal trainers offers more than just a programme of personal training, they offer a completely personalised experience in order to satisfy your needs and your goals, leading you to tangible results. Choose your programme with the help of our personal trainers: private training or in small groups.

60 min. € 130
Physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, drawing inspiration from Yoga and Do-in. L’Andana suggests open-air sessions, under the shade of the maritime pines: this workout will rebalance the energy and reduce pain due to incorrect posture.
This is a particular walk which includes the use of specially designed poles and can be practised throughout the year. Easy and enjoyable, Nordic walkers use the whole body, not only their legs!
Cardio exercise uses large muscle movement over a sustained period of time keeping your heart rate to at least 50% of its maximum level. Your heart is a muscle, therefore training makes it stronger. A stronger cardio-vascular system means more capillaries delivering more oxygen to cells in your muscles. This enables your cells to burn more fat during both exercise and inactivity.
Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. Every training session must be tailored to each individual, taking into consideration objectives and your state of health, including presence or history of injury. An assessment should be performed to help guide exercise selection and training load.
“Boot Camp” training commences with dynamic stretching and running, followed by a wide variety of exercises, including weight (and kettlebell) lifting, TRX straps, push-ups / situps, and various kinds of intense explosive routines. Sessions usually end with stretching. Many other exercises with weights and/or body weight, similar to Cross Fit, are added in order to burn fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency and strength.
Boxing fitness training is an excellent way to get a great cardio workout. Boxing is considered one of the best exercises possible as it involves the entire body. This discipline is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and also as training for beginners as it burns a lot of calories and is an excellent form of training which leads to overall well-being.
Take advantage of your holidays at L'Andana to practice the fascinating sport of golf in Tuscany. Tenuta La Badiola estate boasts its own golf practise course stretching from the olive groves on the Tuscan hills to the coast. Here, the light brown of the bunkers and the green of the fairways blend with the bright blue of the Maremma sky.
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