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Pescaturismo in Tuscan Maremma

Pescaturismo and Ittiturismo

A unique experience to enjoy at L’Andana

Pescaturismo in Tuscan Maremma is a unique experience to enjoy with our team at L’Andana. “Parco dell’Uccellina” with its coasts and its coves, through a unique and unforgettable excursion, in which you will learn about nature and traditions of our sea. The right port for this excursion is in Talamone, a small town that stands at the end of a long and windy sandy bay. 
Here, on the dock you will find Paolo Fanciulli and with him, while heading along the coasts of the park, you can enjoy the sun discovering the taste of the sea and retracing the traditions of the fishing world. Fanciulli has been leading these trips for 10 years as one of the pioneers of the eco-conscious “Pescaturismo” trend, which combines outdoor adventure which an up-close look at the local environment. The tours are Fanciulli’s way of helping to protect the sea where his father taught him to fish, and of showing off the beauty of his native region. Besides having spent a lifetime a fisherman, Fanciulli is an official park guide and a member of Greenpeace; his fishing boat, Sirena, flies World Wildlife Fund flags.

"Pescaturismo" in Tuscan Maremma is a unique experience to enjoy at L’Andana. 

Apart from his educational mission, trips like these help Fanciulli make a living without putting the environment at risk. Since he and his assistant cook their catch right on the boat instead of taking it to market. You can find La Sirena easily enough, wedged between the sailboats and skiffs moored expanse of virgin coastland in all of Italy: Il Parco Naturale dell’Uccellina. Paolo wastes no time launching into the purpose for our excursion.

A "Pescaturismo" project inspired by the land

You can be “pescaturisti” on board La Sirena to learn the difference between sustainable fishing and the ruinous fishing practices which have threatened the whole coastal eco-structure. La Sirena rounds a rocky promontory and the village of Talamone disappears. You can coast along the edge of the park and its jagged crags dotted with dwarf palm trees, swathes of green umbrella pines, stone watch towers and sandy coves. Its woods are full of deer, wild boar, badgers and foxes; its trees with migratory birds. The park would be a beautiful sight anywhere, but in Italy this level of wilderness is astonishing. 

An experience to discover and not to be missed, that will remain indelible in your memories!
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