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An experience to live and tell

Wellness & Fitness in Maremma and in the beautiful parks of L'Andana 

The Natked method develops on three different levels of training.

Elements: through creative activities, the perception of the body is improved, making it balanced and elegant.
Flow: through sequential athletic settings, the body is stimulated, improving fluidity, flexibility and strength.
Strength: through strengthening athletic settings, body volumes are perfected, improving strength and endurance.
Lessons will be held in the beautiful parks of L'Andana.
The proposed activities provide the possibility to all guests of free consultation with Natked trainers.
Guests will have access to a general food welfare program upon request.

Wellness Experiences

Experience Walk Cala Violina

Experience between nature and the sea

If you wish to live a full felling experience between nature and the sea, our "Cala Violina Experience" is something cannot be missed!
"Cala Violina Experience" is a unique and in close contact with nature. An evocative sandy bay, enclosed between two headlands and awarded by Legambiente as one of the 11 most beautiful beaches in Italy.
You will be accompanied by a Natked movement and meditation specialist who will make you experience the journey in a more intense and conscious way from the bodily and energetic point of view.
The trekking lasts 3 hours and you can choose whether to do it individually, in couple or in groups (min 3 pax/max 8).
Training Natked

First Training

A daily activity to enjoy wellness experience outdoor offered to our guests to appreciate the Natked method.
Duration 1 hour - every day at 4 pm


The true experience of the Natked method, amplified by the magic of the territory.
Duration 1 hour - from 7 am to 8 pm


Training in pairs is an important stimulus, which often makes the difference by increasing the commitment with different notes of fun.
Duration 1 hour - from 7 am to 8 pm


The Natked method customized on the unique characteristics of the person.
Duration 1 hour 15 min. - from 7 am to 8 pm
Coaching - Wellness Style


A structured path on the different levels of our health. A global experience, treated in detail, tailored for individual needs. The work is structured around activities that stimulate the body and mind to manage and release stress and tension. A physical and intellectual, scientific and spiritual journey.
Minimum duration of 3 hours per day

Couple & Kids

The coaching path followed in duo (with the partner or with children) assumes an important energy and psychological role. Getting, involved and facing each other in a path of wellness education stimulates the brain and the body to improve and adapt quickly, with emotion and intelligence.
Minimum duration of 3 hours per day
Booking direct via our hotel website is the best way to book.