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Academies with the Stars, Italian artists and athletes of international renown. 

academies 2020

Football, Rugby, Tennis, Basket, Hip Hop, Swimming, Cycling.

Unforgettable academies in Tuscany with artists and athletes of international renown.


with Mario Cipollini

29 JULY - 04 AUGUST 2019
Riding next to the professional Italian cyclist: Mario, the Lion King, an exceptional sport supervisor, an extraordinary sprinter will be on your side in the paths of the Maremma.
A unique and unforgettable experience.


with Gianluca Zambrotta 

05 - 11 AUGUST 2019
A unique sport experience not only for football lovers, with a worldwide champion in the European football background: Gianluca Zambrotta. Featuring a memorable and successful career in the best clubs, he first showed his incredible talent with the Italian football team and then became world champion in Germany in 2006. A very talented tutor for our football fans.


with Giovanna Trillini

13 - 18 AUGUST 2019
You'll discover the spectacular world of fencing, a sport and an ancient art belonging to the knights, with one of the most famous Italian fencers with an Olympic and worldwide medal collection.
Group and singular classes, both for children and adults.


with Alice Bellagamba 

19 - 25 AUGUST 2019
Alice Bellagamba, art director of “balletto delle Marche” ballet school, dancer and actress, will be the one leading the Hip Hop experience. Originally born ad street culture, Hip Hop became not only a real style, a dynamic and free dance to express oneself with his body, but also a real discipline always reinventing itself. To dance it you need training, a bit of sweat and a lot of passion.
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