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a woman is getting a facial treatment in hotel L'Andana's ESPA in Tuscanya woman is getting a stone massage inside of the ESPA area at hotel L'Andana

Remise en forme in your Tuscan beauty farm

ESPA face and body treatments

The experience that awaits you at SPA ESPA at L'Andana is the most sublime you may want from a beauty farm in Tuscany. There is a wide range of treatments offered for face and body: wrappings, massages with multiple functions, specific scrubs and targeted interventions for every type of skin.

The signature treatment, which is a true focus of ESPA expertise, is able to work synergically and effectively on body balance with extraordinary beneficial effects.

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Beauty Treatments

Facial treatments

Intraceutical Oxygen

50 min. € 200

The Hyperbaric Oxygen helps to spread the active ingredients in deep skin layers, while at the same time increasing skin surface oxygenation and creating a calming effect. Rejuvenate serum is unique and contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and a powerful combination of antioxidants and vitamins. Hyaluronic Acid helps to produce deep hydration with a consequent effect of greater tonicity, reduced lines and facial contour enhancement.

Body tratments


50-80 min., starting from € 140

The drainage, the massage and the aid of the G5 machinery favor the elimination of cellulite deposits. The unique combination of rotating and oscillating motion recreates the strength of a manual massage, but definitely more powerful. ESPA combines this machine with a traditional drainage system.

ESPA Treatments

"Signature" treatment

Treatment "Signature" the Andana

1 hour and 50 min. € 260

Created exclusively by ESPA experts for L'Andana and Tenuta La Badiola, this treatment begins with a ritual of "Welcome to the feet" enriched with oil and herbs grown in the Trattoria's garden. As the landscape lands with its warm embrace, it will stray thoughts and sorrows from your mind.

The treatment will continue with a delicate exfoliation on the body of sea salt, fragrant rosemary, also cultivated within our estate, and essential oils. Continue with a relaxing back massage with L'Andana's oil and herbs, and complete with a wonderful intensive facial treatment. The experience will end with a dessert and a herbal tea.

ESPA Facial Treatments

Lifestage facial

50 min. € 195

Targeted facial treatment to fight the most visible signs of age, with particular attention to eyes, neck, lips and face contour. Includes Anti-Lift Lifting Massage Techniques and the LIFESTAGE range of state-of-the-art products. A luxurious facial treatment that minimizes wrinkles, improves the level of hydration instantly, combats the emergence of pigmentation, dilated pores and redness. Also applied is a firming mask that stimulates elasticity, for a revitalized and luminous skin.

Optimal profacial

50 min. € 130

Beautiful, natural and visibly healthy skin. The secret beauty of the skin reveals itself thanks to customized techniques and Optimal skin products. Designed to rebalance, hydrate and revitalize, this facial treatment enlivens and brightens the complexion, protecting it from environmental damage and delaying the first imperceptible signs of age. Optimal Pro Facial is suitable for all types of skin and for all ages.

Personalized facial

60 min. € 190

Deep cleansing, exfoliation and a cleansed and revitalized complexion with this exclusive, personalized ESPA face treatment. Natural and advanced products and a personalized facial massage offer outstanding results for any skin need.

Espa eye lift

25 min. € 65

A revitalizing anti-aging eye treatment to hide thin lines and wrinkles. Refreshing, revitalizing and firming, this targeted treatment uses eye-specialist products to fight swelling, eye shadow and moisturizing.

ESPA treatments for the body

Total Body Bliss

110 min. € 265

The tension comes out to give a harmonious balance to the body and mind. The skin reemerges soft, smooth and nourished, while fatigue and muscle ailments disappear in this deeply reconstructive holistic experience. Immediate wrap, full body massage and soothing body scalp.

Espa iconic back face and scalp treatment

90 min. € 196

The preferred and loved by everyone: an ESPA experience with a triple result, directed to three key areas: back, face and scalp. An ideal treatment for everyone.

Ocean and Earth body wrap

50 min. € 130

To purify the body or nourish the skin deeply, with immediate effect. Detoxifying or richly nutritious, body wrapping based on algae or sea mud combined with essential oils for a younger skin, followed by a therapeutic massage of the scalp, soothing and relaxing.

Aromatic hot stones message

80 min. € 200

The massage for excellence - volcanic stones cleverly used by our therapists, will work on muscle tension.

Deep muscle massage

50/80 min. € 140 / € 220

To alleviate deep pain, stress or muscle tension in the area of the neck, shoulders, or back. A powerful and targeted massage.

Relaxation massage

50/80 min. € 126 / € 200

A complete therapeutic massage based on essential oil blends specially chosen for the different personal needs.

Ocean Glow

25 min. € 65

Exceptional exfoliating and softening treatment for the body based on sea salts and oils. Essential for a nourished, smooth and elasticated skin. Perfect as a treatment or as a preparation for an ESPA massage.

Aloe and Spearmint

25 min. € 65

Exceptional exfoliating and softening treatment for the body thanks to the refreshing effect of peppermint and moisturizing mint of the true Aloe. The skin will soon appear more elastic and bright and revitalized.

ESPA treatments for Him

Biker’s Tonic

50 min. € 126

After a hard day of bicycle excursion, this treatment is what we do wants to soothe your muscles. Designed to deflate the legs and tensions of back, neck, legs and feet. Perfect treatment to restore the energy of a tired body. Includes footbath, foot and leg massage, back peeling and back massage.

Fitness massage

80 min. € 200

A powerful massage designed to relieve deep tension and muscle stress. Targeted techniques focused on the most stressful areas, to relieve common discomforts such as torsos, back pain, tension and pain in the trapezium area.

Includes: targeted massage for particular stressed areas.

Men’s deep cleanse facial

50 min. € 130

ESPA face cleansing treatment for a clean, fresh, well-balanced skin. For any need, a selection of natural and technologically advanced products and a customized massage to hydrate, soothe or energize the skin. A detergent scrubber unblocks the congested pores; impurities are then removed with a special mask to be ready to deal with everything.

Includes: double cleaning, exfoliation, steam and extraction if needed, facial massage, personalized mask, scalp massage.

ESPA "Finishing touches"

Advanced manicure

70 min. € 110

Includes: soak, cut and file, exfoliation, cuticles work, massage, personalized mask, polish or buff.

Advanced pedicure

70 min. € 110

Includes: soak, nail file and shape, exfoliation, cuticles work, massage, personalized mask, polish or buff.

Essential manicure

50 min. € 55

Includes: soak, cute and file, cuticle work, application of hand cream, nail polish or personalized polishing.

Essential pedicure

50 min. € 70

Includes: soak, nail file and shape, exfoliate, cuticle work, application of body cream, polish or buff.

Total body wax

65 min. - € 130

Underarm wax

15 min. - € 25

Arm wax

25 min. - € 35

Bikini wax

20 minuti - € 30

Full leg wax

25 min. - € 35

Full leg wax and bikini wax

45 min. - € 70

Half leg wax

25 min. - € 35

Eyebrow shape

15 min. - € 15

Upper lip

15 min. - € 15


Discover every corner of L'Andana and let yourself be seduced by its magical atmosphere.

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