The 13 suites located in the Villa and the Fattoria are private residences, each with its own décor and distinctive atmosphere, designed to make your stay a unique experience. The tasteful furnishings are selected with great care so that everything fits in perfectly with the surroundings.
The curtains, sheet and bedspread fabrics are carefully chosen from amongst the finest linen, taffeta, satin and hemp, in a blend of textures that play with various colour nuances, reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside and the sun-blessed Tyrrhenian coast. The furniture features elegant and sophisticated inlay works; matching mirrors, doors, tables, chairs and sofas rhythmically repeat their ornamental motifs. Some Prestige Suites are even equipped with their own whirlpool bath in refined mosaic, allowing guests to relax at leisure in the privacy of their own room.
The interior design features at L’Andana include spacious bathrooms, designed as a personal wellbeing centre: elegant white bathtubs stand on antique oak parquet flooring by windows offering views of the delightful landscape, making bathing a truly relaxing experience.  Other suites feature spacious mosaic bath-showers, measuring up to 3x2 metres, all reminiscent of Roman spas.